Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Say no to South American garbage! (Sandy Pond, NewFoundland, Canada)

The Telegram

We are teetering at the very edge of an environmental catastrophe in order to appease a Brazilian mining outfit and 225 pseudo-Newfoundlanders.

Millions of tons of poison will soon be making its way into a pristine pond overlooking a community in Placentia Bay.

This particular village has had its share of poisons and other toxins left behind by another obfuscating mega-corporation.

Seeking it out

Now, our politicians and the people who live in this beautiful part of Newfoundland seem to be climbing over themselves to accommodate the desecration of the nearby watershed and countryside.

It has been said by the mining giant's environmental minions that ponds do not leak.

It has been articulated by our politicians and environmental bureaucrats that the people of Newfoundland will be well served by allowing this vile uncontained concoction of hydromet process excrement into our environmental system.

People should not be concerned. The claim is that the defilement will be removed at a later date.

The company should not be permitted to poison even a pothole on the way to Sandy Pond. Who will stop the rain? Say no to South American garbage. There are other ways and means.

Do not let this precedent setting and forever regrettable abomination happen on your watch.

Douglas G. Sellars
Mount Pearl

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